Instruments: Ukulele, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Glockenspiel, Violin, Alto Saxophone, Vocals

Bands Performed In: Howdy Spaceman, After School Karate, ten-o-cycle, Cootie Shot, Slavagoh, Velma and the Happy Campers, Nervous Systems

Links: Soundcloud | Bandcamp


Cootie Shot - OO..

2012 - Retrospective collection of Cootie Shot recordings. Contributed Ukulele, Glockenspiel, and Backing Vocals

Available for Purchase/Download on Bandcamp

ten-o-cycle - Favorite Boy in Blue CDS

2011 - Self-recorded contribution to the soundtrack of  Max Landis' Death and Return of Superman YouTube short. Ukulele and Vocals.

Title Track: YouTube | Soundcloud
Instrumental Version: Soundcloud

ten-o-cycle - Flanny's Got His Flanagan Out EP

2009 - Self-recorded going-away gift for a wonderful friend. Ukulele and Vocals.

Stream Track 04, "A Flanafriendship" on Soundcloud

ten-o-cycle - ... is Ruining Your Music EP

2008 - Self-recorded cover songs recorded while sick and stuffy. Ukulele and Vocals.

All tracks lost and never to be found.

ten-o-cycle - The Last Anniversary EP

2017 - Self-recorded solo project.
Ukulele and Vocals.

Partially Available for Purchase/Download on Bandcamp

Velma and the Happy Campers - Wilford Brimley

2012 - Contributed Bass Guitar and "Helpful Enthusiasm"

Available for Purchase/Download on Bandcamp

Live Performance

Nervous Systems - Live at the Atlantic
Gainesville, FL [2013-01-06]

On tour with Gold-Bears

0:00 Sugar Free
2:10 Sound Effect for Deafening Silence
4:16 Mondegreen
6:42 Sleeping Arrangements 

Recorded by Andrew Chadwick
Nervous Systems on Bandcamp

"Cub Sparrer" - Live at Wayward Council
Gainesville, FL [2010-09-24]

Cub and Cock Sparrer Cover Band.
Part of a Wayward Council Benefit Cover Show

0:00 We're Coming Back (Cock Sparrer)
1:52 Everything's Geometry (Cub)

Video by Adam Hallock (Drums)